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And Then There Were More
Season 1 · Episode 11
March 7, 2011
David H. Goodman (teleplay)

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And Then There Were More is the eleventh episode of Season One and the eleventh produced episode of The Event.



THE WHITE HOUSE AND SLEEPERS GRAPPLE WITH THOMAS'S PLAN -- ROGER BART, HAL HOLBROOK, VIRGINIA MADSEN, CLEA DuVALL, and CHRIS MATTHEWS GUEST STAR IN THE 2-HOUR MIDSEASON RETURN -- President Martinez (Blair Underwood) and his longtime Chief of Staff (guest star Roger Bart, "Desperate Housewives") charge the intelligence community with decrypting Thomas's (Clifton Collins, Jr.) satellite message, but more importantly determining to whom it was sent. While they are distracted, Thomas unveils a surprise attack, but he does not anticipate a heroic stand-off with Blake Sterling (Željko Ivanek), who learns an important lesson about Sleepers from Maya (guest star Clea DuVall, "Conviction"). Meanwhile, newly appointed Alaskan Senator Catherine Lewis (guest star Virginia Madsen, “Sideways”) threatens to divulge information about the Mt. Inostranka detention facility on an episode of "HARDBALL with Chris Matthews" (playing himself). Elsewhere, Sean (Jason Ritter) and Leila (Sarah Roemer) get a fresh lead on the whereabouts of Samantha, but it leads them to a dramatic turn in their lives. James Dempsey (guest star Hal Holbrook, "Water for Elephants") foresees that he and Sean will once again cross paths. Ian Anthony Dale, Bill Smitrovich, Taylor Cole, and Lisa Vidal also star.




Guest Stars[]


  • Rico E. Anderson as Prison Guard
  • McCready Baker as Waitress
  • Michael Canaan as Friend
  • Samuel Child as Motorist
  • Teddy Chen Culver as Analyst
  • Benton Jennings as Supervisor
  • James Peyton as Soldier
  • Patrick Qunilan as Aide Erik Watkins
  • Corinne Shor as Matron
  • Darby Walker as Jessie
  • Sean Carrigan as Devon
  • Marc Christie as Sleeper No 4
  • Anna Clark as Samantha Buchanan
  • Chad Cleven as Access Guard
  • Bret Ford as Guard #1
  • Ondrej Habinak as Sleeper No 1
  • Weston Scott Higgins as Area Guard
  • Dylan Kenin as Sleeper No 1
  • Kelly Kirkland Powers as Presidential Aide
  • Nick Warnock as Sleeper No 1