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Flight 514 lands in Yuma, Arizona

Avias Airways Flight 514 is an Avias Air flight that took off from Miami, Florida, USA en route to São Paulo, Brazil. Sean Walker, dressed in an airline uniform, boarded the flight in Miami in an attempt to stop the pilot, Michael Buchanan, from hijacking the plane and flying it into the Presidential Retreat in Coral Gables, Florida.

"I Haven't Told You Everything"Edit


Avias 514 disappears over Miami, Florida.

Simon Lee tries to keep the flight from taking off by contacting the control tower in hopes they can keep the plane on the ground. Unsuccessful, Simon then tries to chase the plane on the runway. This too fails and the plane takes off. Michael highjacks the plane with the intent of crashing it into the Presidential Retreat. Before Michael's plan can succeed, the plane disappears into a magnetic disturbance.

"To Keep Us Safe"Edit


Avias 514 reappears outside of Yuma, Arizona.

The plane appears on the other side of the disturbance in Yuma, Arizona. Even though the planecrash-landed, the passengers survived. Sean helps the flight attendant and the Air Marshall evacuate the plane. The last person off the plane is Michael and he warns Sean that approaching helicopters are not "help" and that he needs to flee the crash scene and find Leila.

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