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Blake Sterling
played by Željko Ivanek
He told us everything but the truth.
Species Human
Gender Male
Hometown Somewhere in Colorado
Profession Director of National Intelligence
Specialty Secrets
Status Alive
Family Edmond Sterling (father)
Laura Sterling (wife)
Season(s) 1
First Seen I Haven't Told You Everything
Last Seen Arrival
Episode Count 13 episodes
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Blake Sterling is the Director of National Intelligence and has long kept secrets from President Elias Martinez.


Sterling is an astute, discerning, and well-connected insider in the intelligence community. (redacted) Since then, he has spent most of his career rising through the ranks of the agency. He has served in a variety of roles in the Directorate of Intelligence, including a support post for the National Security Counsel, and eventually rose to become the Deputy Director of the CIA. Prior to his current position, Sterling served as the Director of Central Intelligence under the previous administration.

Sterling was nominated as the Director of National Intelligence by President Martinez, and approved by the Senate with an overwhelming majority. In spite of much criticism, President Elias Martinez decided to nominate Sterling for the newly expanded position because of his vast experience in the intelligence community.

Although Sterling and Martinez are often at odds, Sterling is dedicated to the security of the United States, and will do whatever it takes to keep Americans safe. Sterling isn't afraid to get a little dirty with political manipulation or covert force when the situation demands it. Sterling has received a considerable amount of political criticism for his support of the CIA's detention program and interrogation tactics. In the current state of the nation, Sterling has increasingly found himself bending the rules. However, he is always steadfast in his goal of fulfilling the greater good at all costs.

(redacted) As an outlet for stress, Sterling maintains a strict daily routine that includes a jog around CIA headquarters before work at 4:30 every morning.



Interesting Facts[]

  • Sterling finds solace in classical music.
  • He has played the violin for most of his life, which he continues to enjoy in his spare time.
  • His Stradivarius Violin from the early 1700s is his most prized possession.