Christina Martinez
played by Lisa Vidal
Species Non-Human
Gender Female
Hometown Washington D.C.
Profession First Lady of the United States, former attorney
Status Alive
Family Elias Martinez (husband)
David Martinez (son)
Season(s) 1
First Seen "I Haven't Told You Everything"
Last Seen "Cut Off the Head"
Episode Count 5 episodes
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Christina Martinez is the supportive wife of President Elias Martinez and First Lady of the United States.


Christina knew the moment she met Elias that he was going to be a world leader. At the time, they were both attending Yale University and clashed heads during a political science seminar. Several library-dates later, they were madly in love.

After graduating at the top of her class, Christina stayed with Elias in New Haven for law school. From there, she joined one of the top immigration firms in D.C.

Always Elias’s biggest supporter, Christina put her career on the back burner when he began his campaign for the Presidency.

For all of their academic, professional, and humanitarian accomplishments, Christina is perhaps most proud of her 7 year-old son, David.


Initially, Christina's website bio stated that her and Eli's mothers were friends back in Cuba before fleeing to seek refuge in the United States. However, this appears to be retconned to her and Eli meeting in Yale.

When Catherine Lewis informed Eli about suspicious details in Christina's vita, she told him that her parents were illegal immigrants from the Dominican Republic instead of Cuban refugees, but her expression when not facing Eli indicated she was lying.

At the end of the season finale Arrival, when asked by her son about the appearing planet, she calls it "Home", confirming to be a non-human.


Despite being a non-human, she apparently is not a member of the 1944 crash survivors, as none of them ever seemed to recognize her.