Gregory Kervin
played by Wes Ramsey
Nickname Greg
Species Human
Gender Male
Profession Unknown
Status Deceased
Season(s) 1
First Seen "I Haven't Told You Everything"
Last Seen "To Keep Us Safe"
Died in "To Keep Us Safe"
Episode Count 2 episodes
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Gregory Kervin (b. January 17, 1980 - d. Sept. 13, 2010) is a character on The Event.



Greg and Vicky Roberts were in Saint Lucia at the same time as Sean and Leila. Vicky fell into the water and since Greg broke his arm rollerblading, he was unable to jump in after her. As Greg called for help, Sean and Leila were walking nearby and Sean jumped into the water to save the drowning Vicky.

While hitting on Leila after Vicky and Sean left for snorkeling, he was interrupted by a security guard attempting to break up the encounter. The security guard stabbed Greg and killed him, then attacked Leila with the help of another guard. Sean was blamed for his murder.

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