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James Dempsey
played by Hal Holbrook
Alias Dempsey4
Species Human
Gender Male
Profession Doctor, CEO and Founder of Dempsey Pharmaceuticals
Status Deceased
Season(s) 1
First Seen "A Matter of Life and Death" (voice)
Last Seen "Cut Off the Head"
Died in "Cut Off the Head"
Episode Count 10 episodes
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James Dempsey was a pharmaceutical magnate, in charge of one of the largest and most profitable pharmaceutical companies on the world and political heavyweight.

He was Vicky Roberts' mysterious employer. It appears that he funded the Vice President's campaign.

He was a branch on the family tree of sentinels, given the task with protecting the human race from alien invasions.

Dempsey used a secret division within his company to experiment on hybrid (half human, half [sleeper]) children's DNA in the hope of extending his life, so that he is able to protect the human race from the next alien invasion.

He most recently moved to France to find the scrolls that his people left around 3 millenia ago. When Dempsey confronts Sean Walker, he tells Walker that he is the only one that can stop Sophia. Walker refuses to listen but it appears that Dempsey is telling the truth when he kills himself so that Sean and Vicky can stop chasing him, and instead try to stop the release of the virus.



The Event[]



  • As a perpetual student of history and antiquities, Dempsey appreciates paleontological artifacts. He possesses a fossilized trilobite, an extinct marine arthropod that lived between 526 million and 250 million years ago. He personally found the trilobite during a dig in France in the early 1990's.
  • He adopted a turtle shell as his personal symbol. Its attributes of wisdom, strength, and longevity represent his life's mission.
  • He received a collection of butterflies from the Prime Minister of Paraguay in 1968. It represents seven of the rarest species found in their country's rainforest.
  • He has a high-sensitivity microphone embedded in an obelisk in his office to record audio of his meetings.
  • He has a copy of The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.