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Leila Buchanan
played by Sarah Roemer
She has no idea how important she is.
Species Hybrid
Gender Female
Birth Date c. 1986
Hometown Atlanta, Georgia
Location Snyder, Texas
Profession Unknown
Status Alive
Family Michael Buchanan (father)
Valerie Buchanan (mother)
Samantha Buchanan (foster sister)
Sean Walker (boyfriend)
unborn child (currently expecting with Sean)
Season(s) 1
First Seen "I Haven't Told You Everything"
Last Seen "Arrival"
Episode Count 0 episodes
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Leila Buchanan is Sean Walker's would-be fiancée who suddenly disappeared during a Caribbean cruise and became involved in a complex government conspiracy.


Sean’s girlfriend. Smart and athletic, she studied Biochemistry at MIT. She now works as a (redacted). Has a very close relationship with her parents Michael and Valerie, and younger foster sister Samantha, (redacted) . Leila is a nature lover, and she and Sean often go rock climbing and hiking together. Leila has a very strong inner core, and is not afraid to meet challenges head on.



Growing up as a science geek, Leila spent all her time with books, and never learned how to swim, which made her feel very self-conscious later in life. This turned out to be a good thing however, as it caused her to meet Sean in college at MIT’s swimming pool their senior year in 2005. She fell for Sean’s nerdiness, and was impressed by his amazing hacking ability; he completely won her over when he maneuvered her name to the top of the online ticketing list for great seats at a Radiohead concert. Sean was a very attentive boyfriend during their time together in college.

Leila has always had a very strong relationship with her family. Her mother Val put her blossoming modeling career on hold to raise Leila, and later Sam, her adopted daughter. Now that her two daughters are older, (redacted) . While both parents tend to be overprotective, they’ve learned to somewhat let go, thanks in part to their trust in Sean since he entered Leila’s life.

Leila’s warm and welcoming family made it easy for Sean to adopt them as a surrogate family of sorts. The entire Buchanan family is incredibly fond of Sean, and treats him as one of their own.

Leila’s daily routine was recently thrown into turmoil, (redacted) warning a couple of weeks before Leila and Sean left for their cruise.

Leila is pregnant. ("Arrival")

The Event[]

Unknown as of yet.


Unknown as of yet.


  • Leila is actually a much more capable hiker and rock climber than she lets on.
  • As a child, she probably spent more time with G.I. Joes than with dolls.
  • She's a huge Atlanta sports fan, like her dad.

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