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Lisa Vidal
as Christina Martinez
Name Lisa Vidal Cohen
Birthplace New York, New York
Birth Date June 3, 1965
Season(s) 1
Number of Episodes 5 episodes

Lisa Vidal plays Christina Martinez, the First Lady and wife of President Eli Martinez, on The Event.


Lisa Vidal stars as Christina Martinez, the supportive wife of President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood), in NBC's new high-octane conspiracy thriller "The Event."

Vidal, an award-winning actress, is no newcomer to the challenging, multi-layered roles she's been successfully portraying. She is most recognized for her regular roles on popular hit primetime series such as "Boston Legal," "CSI Miami," "The Division," "ER," "Third Watch" and "Southland."

A strikingly beautiful and seasoned actress of Puerto Rican descent, Vidal is a New York City native who began acting in Repertory Theater at age 14 and was cast the following year in the PBS series "Oye Willie," thereby jump-starting a long and varied acting career, in which she has most often played grounded professionals balancing work and family.

Vidal then went on to play the charming housekeeper for a good-natured elderly heiress, played by Loretta Young, in the holiday TV movie "Christmas Eve." The busy actress continued on such popular series as "The Cosby Show" and "Miami Vice." Determined to take roles that reflect and emphasize the diversity of the Latino community, Vidal acted in two "ABC After School Special" educational presentations: "Class Act: A Teacher's Story" and "In the Shadow of Love: A Teen AIDS Story."

Vidal later recurred in the series "New York Undercover," as she played the sister of Michael DeLorenzo's New York City police detective, which widened her audience growth. Vidal was soon cast as cocky Jessica Helgado in the critically lauded police drama "High Incident," a Steven Spielberg production, and on the sitcom "The Brian Benben Show."

Though television would remain her primary medium, Vidal also starred in feature films such as "Night and the City," and had a significant supporting role in the engaging slice-of-life comedy-drama "I Like It Like That." She has also appeared in J.J. Abrams' film version of "Star Trek," "Chasing Papi" and "Mighty Aphrodite." She can be seen in the film "Dark Mirror," a suspense thriller where she stars as Deborah Martin, a photographer who discovers the sinister history of her new family home.

Vidal's exceptionally powerful performances and ability to portray both hard and soft characters in turn makes her a rising star and one to watch.

Vidal resides with her family in Los Angeles.[1]

Selected Career[]


  • Star Trek (2009)
  • Delivery Boys (1985)


  • Southland (2009-2010)
  • Smith (2006-2007)
  • ER (2001-2004)

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