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Marla Olsen
played by unknown
Placeholder person
Species Human
Gender Female
Hometown New York, New York, USA
Profession Retired Restaurant Owner
Family JB Olsen (husband)
Season(s) 1
First Seen "I Haven't Told You Everything"
Last Seen "I Haven't Told You Everything"
Episode Count 1 episodes
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Marla Olsen is a character on The Event.

Character ProfileEdit

Marla Olsen is a retired restaurant owner and is currently living her dream of traveling the world. She loves to surf the web, collect antique, bowl, play bingo and play poker.

Caribbean CruiseEdit

Marla and her husband are passengers on the same Trident Cruise Lines Caribbean cruise that Sean and Leila were on. According to posts on their Twitter feed, The Olsen's missed embarkation in Miami, Florida, but Trident flew the couple to Antigua to catch the ship. While the ship was in port at it's stop in Antigua, the couple boarded and were checked into suite 5314. Minutes after they got to their room, Sean entered looking for Leila.


Marla's TweetsEdit

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Follow her on Twitter @JBLovesMarla