Nick Wauters
Creator & Co-Executive Producer
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Name Nick Wauters
Birthplace Belguim

Nick Wauters is the Creator and Co-Executive Producer of NBC's The Event.


Nick Wauters serves as the creator and co-executive producer of NBC's new high-octane conspiracy thriller The Event.

Previously, Wauters wrote for the hit Syfy series "Eureka,"as well as USA Network's "The 4400" and "Medium."

Born and raised in Belgium, Wauters traveled to the United States to attend Oberlin College in Ohio, before making the trek out to Los Angeles to start his life as a production assistant for Oberlin College alum James Burrows ("Cheers,""Will & Grace”). He worked his way up the ranks to become a production manager, before he transitioned into freelance editing, and worked on unscripted and documentary shows for Lifetime, Food Network, A&E, Discovery, and NBC, among many others.

Wauters' directorial debut was an adaptation of the Stephen King short story "Rainy Season,"a project born from King's famous "Dollar Baby" deals. His second directorial outing was "Ryan's Life,"a gay- themed coming-of-age story that garnered critical praise and over 15 audience awards as it was screened over the festival circuit.

Wauters resides in Los Angeles.[1]

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  • The Event, Pilot (2010)
  • Eureka, Phased and Confused (2008)
  • The 4400, Audrey Parker's Come and Gone (2007)
  • Ryan's Life (2004) (writer)
  • Rainy Season (2002) (adaptation)


  • Ryan's Life (2004)
  • Rainy Season (2002)

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