Raymond Jarvis
played by Bill Smitrovich
Nickname Ray
Species Human
Gender Male
Hometown Lafayette, Louisiana
Location Washington, DC
Profession Vice President of the United States
Status Alive
Family Erika Jarvis (wife),
three older brothers
Season(s) 1
First Seen I Haven't Told You Everything
Last Seen Arrival
Episode Count 7 episodes
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Raymond Theodore Jarvis is the Vice President of the United States and the steely but tactful right hand to President Elias Martinez. He is married to Erika Jarvis.


Raymond “Ray” Jarvis hails from Lafayette, Louisiana. The youngest of four boys, Ray claims he learned from a young age how to quickly and effectively argue his point.

An honor roll student throughout high school and member of the Varsity Debate Team, Ray went on to get his graduate degree in Public Policy at Georgetown University.

After graduation, Ray used his degree and silver tongue to influence local business and politics in his home state. He was elected to the Louisiana State House of Representatives and served two terms. Later he became a respected senator, followed by the prestigious post of Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee.


Ray is perhaps best known for his work on the farm bill that helped private Southern landowners. His considerable political experience, and popularity in the South and within his party made him a logical selection to be Elias Martinez’ bipartisan running mate.

In an unprecedented display of trust and partnership, Ray has full access to Eli’s schedule, and is a frequent adviser and interdisciplinary liaison. Together, Eli and Ray have demonstrated that their bipartisan ticket is not only working, but also flourishing.


Ray is currently working on a project in conjunction with Blake Sterling, details of which are classified at this time.