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Samantha Buchanan
played by Anna Clark
Placeholder person
Nickname Sam
Sammy (or Sammie)
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Date c. 2003
Hometown Atlanta, Georgia
Location Atlanta, Georgia (last known)
Status Alive (last seen)
Family Michael Buchanan (foster father)
Valerie Buchanan (foster mother)
Leila Buchanan (foster sister)
Season(s) 1
First Seen "I Haven't Told You Everything"
Last Seen "Your World to Take"
Episode Count 4 episodes
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Samantha Buchanan is the adopted daughter of Michael and Valerie Buchanan, and foster sister of Leila Buchanan.


Samantha Buchanan was kidnapped in ""I Haven't Told You Everything"", and all that is known about her is that she is stubborn, and seemingly a smart-aleck.