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Scene 1Edit

[FADE IN INT: Room (maybe in the white house?). PRESIDENT ELI MARTINEZ, the Vice President WINSTON JARVIS, BLAKE STERLING, and a military man whose badge reads "WHITMAN" are sitting around on couches and chairs]

BLAKE: Mr. President, you’re making a mistake and everyone here agrees.

MARTINEZ: It’s not just about protecting the rights of a few. It’s about protecting human rights. Now these people may not be Americans, but we are.

WINSTON: What it comes down to is: We don’t have enough information to feel safe enough to let them out.

WHITMAN: Mr. President, it’s not too late to cancel the press conference.

[CUT TO: INT: A hallway in a building that, from the outside, appears to be in a southern location. MARTINEZ greets SOPHIA GAVRAS]

SOPHIA: Thank you. [MARTINEZ takes SOPHIA by both arms and laughs again, then sighs] So…

MARTINEZ: Are you sure you’re ready to do this?

SOPHIA: We’ve been ready for a long time.


[FADE IN EXT: Formal party setting with nautical flags for decoration and a view of the water.]

[Shots of MEN whom appear to be Secret Service, receiving reports from their earpieces. A BANG is heard, suspense music begins, and the men begin to run.]

[CUT BACK TO scene with Martinez and Sophia. An unknown MAN approaches the two quickly.]

MAN: We have to evacuate.

MARTINEZ: What’s going on?

[The two get split up and taken by officials in opposite directions.]

VOICE: She’s coming with us.

[MARTINEZ is being rushed out of the building, confused, into a van.]

MAN: We lost all radar capability. The entire system is down. We think the attack is already under way.

[A WOMAN (probably the President's wife?) is in the van--a young boy is next to her--and calls out to Martinez in Spanish. He rushes in the van with her.]

[A shot of Sophia looking to the sky as a plane begins to crash land right on top of her]



Scene 2Edit

[FADE IN on LEILA BUCHANAN in a bikini at a beach during the day. She is stepping out of the water toward SEAN WALKER, her boyfriend. Jason had been admiring an engagement ring and quickly puts it away as she walks toward him.]

SEAN: How’s the water? Is it nice?

LEILA: It’s nice.

[The couple begin making out on the beach.]

[CUT TO: A night time shot of a cruise ship. Leila and Sean are on one of the ship's many balconies looking out at the night's sky.]

LEILA: Wow. Look at all the stars.

SEAN: I got those. For you.

[The couple begin to kiss again]

[CUT TO: Jason, at a later date, trying to get into his room (Room #5314) on the ship. The card key doesn't work.]

SEAN: Leila? You okay?

[CUT TO: Jason at the concierge desk]

SEAN: Hi, uh, I just needed a new key.

CONCIERGE MAN: What was the name again?

SEAN: Uh, Walker. Sean.

[Shot of the computer screen: "No Match Found"]

CONCIERGE MAN: Actually, I have someone else in your room. 5314.

SEAN [exasperated]: Can someone just let me into my room?

[CUT TO: Sean returning to his room to find an UNKNOWN MAN in it.]


SEAN: Who are you?

[Sean bolts through the door. An unknown woman can also be seen in the room]

UNKNOWN MAN: Hey, hey. You can’t just walk in.

[The WOMAN says something (Possibly the unknown man's name?) but it's indistinguishable. Sean searches the room for Leila]

SEAN [yelling at the man]: Where is she?! Where’s my girlfriend?!

[OFFICIALS remove Sean from the room]

OFFICIALS: We are done, out of—-


Scene 3Edit

[EXT. SHOT OF WHITE HOUSE. President Martinez and Blake Sterling are inside, standing, talking.]

MARTINEZ: So this is true. All true.

[Shot of a folder that Martinez slams on the desk and then begins flipping through. The cover sheet reads "Top Secret. National Security Item. Contains Special Intelligence."]

MARTINEZ: What did you think? You were gonna keep running this thing without my knowledge?

BLAKE: Information regarding the Mount Inostraka (sp?) Facility has always been on…

[Shots of the facility overlay this dialogue. It is night time and snowing. The camera returns to the white house.]

BLAKE: …a need-to know basis.

MARTINEZ: I am President of the United States. I need to know.

[CUT: Martinez and Blake are still talking in the white house.]

MARTINEZ: So how many are there? How many prisoners?

BLAKE: Ninety-seven.

MARTINEZ: I want to meet them.


Scene 4Edit

[CUT TO: Shot of a helicopter flying through snowy mountains toward the Mount Inostraka Facility]

[CUT TO: Blake Sterling, President Martinez, the military official named Whitman, and two agents walking through the snowy facility.]

BLAKE: Here it is. Welcome to Mount Inostraka.

MARTINEZ: I want to see their living quarters. And the research labs.

WHITMAN: Yes sir. But first, you said you might want to meet their leader?

[CUT TO: Another room. The President is introduced to the same woman whom we was with earlier]

SOPHIA: Mr. President, I’m Sophia.

[CUT TO: An airport. Sean Walker is boarding a plane. Several men are running through the airport, presumably after him. Sean sits down in a window seat. Looking out the window, he sees a van driven by SIMON LEE. Simon breaks through the gate and begins driving along side the plane as it begins to take off.]

[CUT TO: Later in the flight, Sean is walking toward the front of the plane.]

FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Sir, please be seat–

[Sean pulls a gun on the attendant, who begins to panic]

PERSON ON PLANE: He’s got a gun!

SEAN: [banging on the cockpit door] Open the door!

[An AIR MARSHAL approaches Sean, holding him at gunpoint]

[Sean drops the gun]

SEAN: When this is all over you can arrest me all you want but right now we have to get into the cockpit. You or me. I don’t care.

[A gun is fired. It appears as if Sean is shot. Passengers panic. The entire plane begins to shake. The pilot appears to be unconscious. Through the window, a fighter-jet-style plane can be seen.]

AIR MARSHAL: They’re gonna shoot us down.

Scene 5Edit


[Shots of: President and his wife smiling, news crew reporting, the snowy mountains, General Whitman, VP Jarvis, the President talking with Blake, the President's family at the party, everyone at the party--including the President--applauding]

VOICE OVER: There have been few events that have shaped mankind.


[Shots of: Man diving into a body of water, Sean Walker running with a backpack on, news crew, indistinguishable shot of two people (one is definitely a man holding a gun)]


[Shots of: a girl--it has been confirmed by Nick Wauters that it is not LEILA--being kidnapped by a man, the black vans similar to Simon's speeding down a street, Sean Walker diving off a cliff into water (Leila and another man are in the shot), a couple making out, people evacuating the party, President Martinez and Blake at Mount Inostraka, Sophia looking to the sky (as the plane crashes?), the cruise ship, the fighter jet]

VOICE: Mayday. Mayday.


[Shot of Sean and Leila running through an overgrown field. CUT TO BLACK]

[Shot of the chairs from the party being blown into the air. CUT TO BLACK]

[Shot of Sean shaking on the plane. CUT TO BLACK]

[Shot of President Martinez and Sophia talking]

SOPHIA: I haven’t told you everything.



SIMON, VOICE OVER: We may have a problem. He’s going to tell them about The Event.