THE EVƎNTCAST is an international team who love to talk, love to think and love all things THE EVƎNT. Each week, they will review the latest episode, give their theories, give airtime to yours, and even interview special guests.


New episodes are published every Wednesday after new episodes air. Head on over to iTunes to subscribe to the The Event Cast podcast, or simply download from their feed HERE.


The hosts of THE EVƎNTCAST, Maz & Gab Lopez and David Vox Mullen first came into contact with each other in 2009. David was hosting Flashforcast and Maz, after making initial contact with the show as a fan, quickly became a regular contributor.

Maz & her husband, Gab, then started a fan Podcast covering the final season of ABC's hit show LOST, "Tell it Like it's LOST", on which David had a regular guest segment with fellow Flashforcasters, Eric Olsen & Iain MacKinnon.

Even after Flashforward came to a premature end, the friendship between the old Flashforcast crew continues. Now the Lopez/Mullen partnership is unleashed on the public once again as they discuss all things related to NBC's new drama: THE EVƎNT.


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