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played by Clifton Collins Jr.
Alias Edmund Wise
Species Non-Human
Gender Male
Hometown Washington D.C. USA
Profession Unknown
Status Deceased
Family Sophia Maguire (mother)
Season(s) 1
First Seen "To Keep Us Safe"
Last Seen "Face Off"
Episode Count 11 episodes
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Thomas is a member of the survivors of a crash in the Alaskan mountains in 1944 and is intimately connected to Sophia Maguire and the detainees at Mount Inostranka.


Thomas has acted as Sophia’s right hand outside the Inostranka facility for sixty-six years. Over the decades, he has grown tired of diplomacy and of Sophia’s leadership. He is smart, impulsive and impatient. He will stop at nothing to achieve what he wants and shows complete disregard for human life.

He is more of an extremist in his actions compared to Sophia's moderate stance.



With Simon’s help, Thomas successfully avoided detection and led a group of able-bodied survivors away from the crash site, while Sophia remained behind with those who were injured. Thomas worked in conjunction with Simon (redacted)

Sophia put Thomas in charge of finding a way home for their people. Aware such a thing would be impossible with the technology available at the time, Thomas managed to get hired on (redacted) technology -- the technology needed to get his people home.

Since 1944, Thomas has managed to discretely insert himself into society, affecting its future in subtle ways that have helped him. He has also (redacted) His wealth comes from (redacted)

After meeting up in a church with around 200 of his people to tell them the grave news, the sleepers are surrounded by military personnel sent by President Martinez, demanding they surrender. The portal array does not have enough fuel to transport them all out. To buy time, the portal array destroys the Washington Monument. Seeing this, the President agrees to have them transported to the airport in buses. However, he soon learns they were bluffing about how fuel the portal array had by decrypting a call from Simon, and orders an Apache helicopter to fire on them, which destroys the lead bus. They are told there is only enough fuel for transport of one bus. Sophia gives Thomas the go-ahead to travel through. However, Thomas instead says for her to go ahead, while his bus runs interference (redacted)

The Event[]

Unknown as of yet.


Unknown as of yet.

Interesting Facts[1][]

  • Thomas enjoys the classic music and style of the 1950s. His priceless music collection includes prized items such as records from singers such as Perry Como and Maria Lanza.
  • He loves to live in luxury, fanning his closet with the best clothing and his apartment with luxurious furniture.