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Vicky Roberts
played by Taylor Cole
Alias Erica Bartlett
Veronica Carmichael
Anne Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Laura Roderick
Melissa Wade
Jackie Whitaker
Species Human
Gender Female
Birth Date February 23, 1983
Hometown New York, New York
Location Washington, DC
Profession Freelance Operative
CIA Agent (former)
Specialty Covert Operations
Status Alive
Family Mrs. Larson (mother)
Adam (adopted son)
Season(s) 1
First Seen I Haven't Told You Everything
Last Seen Arrival
Episode Count 8 episodes
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Vicky Roberts, a woman with many aliases, is the mysterious beauty who crossed paths with Sean Walker and Leila Buchanan on their Caribbean cruise.



Casualties of War[]

In 2005, in Del Mar, California, Vicky is on a black ops mission. Her partner tells her that they just got orders to kill an entire family. When she asks why, he tells her that it doesn't matter. Vicky agrees but seems hesitant. After taking out the adults, Vicky hears screaming from one of the rooms. She goes in and finds a baby boy crying in his cradle. Later, in Denver, Colorado, Vicky is sitting with her handler and asking why she wasn't told there was a baby in the house. The handler said he didn't see a need to. When he asks her if she followed orders, to kill the whole family and burn down the house, she says it's done. Later, she goes to her home where her mother, Mrs. Larson, is sitting watching TV. Vicky is perturbed that her mom left the door open. Vicky goes upstairs and lays down on the bed. Next to her bed is the baby, Adam. She tells him that he's safe.

I Haven't Told You Everything[]

On September 12, 2010, Sean Walker and Leila Buchanan are near the water in Saint Lucia when Gregory Kervin is heard screaming for help. When they find him, he tells him that his girlfriend, Vicky, slipped, hit her head, and fell in the water. Since Greg can't save her because of his arm cast, Sean dives off the cliff into the water and brings her safely ashore.

Vicky in Saint Lucia.

Later, the two couples hang out together at the beach. Vicky suggests that Sean and Leila go snorkeling with her the next day since Greg can't. The next day, Sean and Vicky go snorkeling together because Leila felt sick.

To Keep Us Safe[]

On September 13, 2010, Vicky shows up at Sean and Leila's room to convince Sean to go snorkeling with her. Leila convinces Sean to go with her. Vicky advises Leila on how to get better and leaves with Sean.

On September 16, 2010, Vicky is seen holding a gun on Leila to convince Michael Buchanan to fly Avias Airways Flight 514 into the Presidential Retreat.

The Event[]

To Keep Us Safe[]

After the Avias Airways Flight 514 is transported to a desert near Yuma, Arizona, Michael tells Sean that a woman named Vicky was holding a gun to Leila's head. When Michael describes her, Sean realizes it's the same woman from Saint Lucia.

Protect Them From the Truth[]

In Miami, Vicky is driving a van at night with Leila bound and gagged in the back. When a police officer pulls her over, Vicky tells Leila that she'll kill her if she makes a noise. The officer tells Vicky that she's driving with a busted taillight and she tells him that it's a friend's van. When the officer wants to look in the back of the van, Vicky unsuccessfully tries to bribe him with money. Vicky then shoots and kills the officer and puts him in the van next to Leila.

In Yuma, Sean uses FBI facial recognition software on Vicky's picture and discovers that she has multiple identities.

Vicky's many aliases.

FBI Agent Angela Collier finds out that one of Vicky's seven aliases, Erica Bartlett, existed prior to 2002 and was supposedly killed in a car crash while studying at the Jing Zi Institute in Hong Kong. She also finds out that Jing Zi was part of a shadow organization tied to the NSA. Another alias, Melissa Wade, resided in a government-subsidized building which housed intelligence trainees.

Vicky ripping off Leila's tape gag

In Miami, Vicky drives Leila to a shipping container yard where Carter is waiting. Carter tells Vicky, "Ground level, Vokolov Shipping Company. I'll take care of the collateral damage." before Vicky walks away. Carter's henchmen get Leila out of the van and put her into one of the containers. After Vicky rips the tape off Leila's mouth, Leila tries unsuccessfully to reason with Vicky. Leila tells her that Sean will never stop looking for her. Vicky disbelieves her and after untying Leila's hands, Leila uses the badge from the dead police officer and slices her neck. Vicky kicks the badge out of the container and locks her in. When Vicky comes into the container to shoot Leila in the head, she gets a call from Lonner before she can pull the trigger. He tells her that Sean got away and that she might've underestimated his resourcefulness. He tells her that Sean's starting to put things together and that they still need Leila alive. After Vicky hangs up, Leila tells her that she told her that Sean would come for her. Vicky punches her in the face, but Leila soon turns back and gives Vicky a look of defiance.

A Matter of Life and Death[]

After losing Sean, Lonner tells Vicky over the phone that he has to move Leila. Later, Sean tells Angela that to find the people responsible for killing her fellow agents, they have to find Vicky.

On September 21, in Snyder, Texas, Vicky and Carter move a hooded, gagged, and tied-up Leila into a basement. Vicky takes the hood off and rips the tape off her mouth before walking up the stairs. Upstairs, Vicky chastises Carter for drinking beer. He tells her that it doesn't matter because they're just waiting for the call to kill her.

At the bio-quarantine facility in Farifax, Virginia, Michael Buchanan is questioned by Blake Sterling. Michael tells him that the girl holding Leila is named Vicky.

Meanwhile, Sean and Angela discover that one of Vicky's aliases, Laura Roderick, paid rent for a house in Lubbock, Texas and used a credit card in the same name to buy groceries.

In Snyder, Carter walks into the house while Vicky is watching a TV screen. Carter tells her that Lonner called to tell him that Sean disabled the GPS on the SUV that Sean and Collier are in and that Sean is using a jammed cell phone. Vicky comments that Sean is smart. Soon, Vicky receives a phone call telling her that they can kill Leila. When Vicky tells Carter she will do it, Carter comments that it's personal with her.

In Lubbock, Texas, Sean and Angela follow their lead to 255 Hannigan Lane, the home of Mrs. Larson, who they find out is Vicky's mother. They also learn of the existence of Adam, Vicky's son. Mrs. Larson tells her that she doesn't know where Vicky is. She gives them a phone number that she only uses for emergencies.

In Snyder, Vicky is laying down a tarp so that she won't make a mess when she shoots Leila. Leila tells her that she doesn't have to kill her, but Vicky tells her that she does. Having managed to cut her away the rope around her wrists, Leila punches Vicky and runs up the stairs. When Vicky pursues her, Leila shoots her and runs from the house. When Leila finds a police officer that takes her to the police station, Vicky and Carter are revealed to have orchestrated her escape so that Leila could call Sean and could lure him there. Vicky then calls an unknown man who tells her to kill Sean when he gets to Snyder.

Casualties of War[]

In Snyder, Texas, when "Nugent" expresses doubt about Sean showing up to save Leila, Vicky reassures him and Carter that he'll show up because Sean and Leila love each other. Later, after Leila figures out that the men in the Snyder police department aren't real officers, Vicky and Lonner come in to the room Leila is being held in. Carter tells Leila that Leila should be more shocked that she was set up. Vicky tells Lonner that Sean will be there soon and Carter heads to the roof. Leila pleads with Vicky not to hurt Sean, but Vicky says she has to follow orders. When Leila asks her if it's so simple when it comes to killing innocent people, Vicky doesn't answer and leaves the room. In the bullpen, Vicky is told by Carter, up on the roof, that Sean and Angela are half a block away and coming toward them. Lonner says he can take them out, but Vicky says that they have orders to do it quietly and wait until they're inside the building. Before they can go in the building, Sean finds out that Vicky's in the Snyder police department too. Sean then sends a picture of Adam to Vicky's cell phone. Sean then calls Vicky and tells her that he's going to come in and walks out with Leila or Adam's picture and address will go viral. Sean walks in alone and is met at the door by Vicky who holds a gun at him. She then turns and shoots the members of her team. When one tries to kill Sean and Leila, Vicky shoots him and lets Sean and Leila leave. Vicky then calls an unknown person and says that Sean came in with FBI agents, took Leila and escaped. She tells them she is the only one left and that she'll wait for orders at the rendezvous point.

For the Good of Our Country[]

In the home of James Dempsey, Vicky is brought in from Houston, Texas by Lonner. Dempsey's asks about what happened in Texas with Sean and Leila.

Vicky meets with James Dempsey

He tells her that her associate, Carter, said that they might have had inside help. Vicky tells him that she and her team were caught off-guard and that she barely made it out alive. She tells him that Sean and Angela came in ahead of schedule shooting. Seeming to believe her, Dempsey gives Vicky her next target: Raymond Jarvis. In Washington, D.C., Vicky and Lonner find Jarvis and tell him that they were sent to kill him. She points the gun at Jarvis, but turns and kills Lonner instead. She holds a gun at Jarvis' head and tells him that he is going to tell everyone about Dempsey's plan to kill the President. She tells him that coming clean is the only way she or Jarvis is going to live and leaves.


Vicky is seen shopping a in a supermarket when she suspects that a man is following her. When a woman comes over and chastises the man for not finding something and they leave, Vicky shrugs it off and keeps shopping. In the produce section, Vicky picks up a cantaloupe and sniffs it. A man across from her tells her to knock on them to tell if they're ripe. After she leaves, the man comes out and begins following her. Vicky surprises him, holds a gun to his head, and asks who he works for. The man tells her that she lost her receipt and he gives it to her. Back at her home, Vicky notices that her window is open and is surprised by Sean, who holds a gun to her. Sean takes her gun and tells her that he wants to know everything about the people she's been working for. He then tells her that she's going to help him stop them.

A Message Back[]

When Vicky asks Sean how he found her, he tells her that he traced a call between Vicky and her mother. Vicky tells him that he can't take these people down and she won't help him. Sean tells her that she'll help him unless she wants her mother and son's information to go viral. If he doesn't enter a code every two hours, their address will be released. Vicky tells him that she worked for James Dempsey, a powerful billionaire. Vicky tells Sean that she tried to take down Dempsey but failed. Since then, Dempsey has vanished. She tells him how Dempsey was working with vice-president Jarvis to assassinate President Martinez and how she tried to get Jarvis to go public. Sean tells her that he's going to try to take down Dempsey and if she cares about her family, she's going to help him. Later, they're driving down the road discussing how hard it is to get access to Jarvis. Sean says they still have to try and to look out for any place that has the internet. They then discuss the girls that Dempsey abducted and how that they're non-terrestrial. Vicky says that she knew she had to leave when she found out the truth. Sean says that he surprised anything could offend her after all she's done. Vicky remarks that he doesn't know her. Sean tells her that Vicky makes no sense to him. Vicky tells him that her dad left her mom when she was a kid and that she had a stepfather who abused her mother. She says that she killed her stepfather on one occasion to stop him from hurting her mom. When Sean apologizes, she scoffs and says she made it up. Vicky tells Sean that there is no reason why she is the way she is. At a roadside cafe, Sean and Vicky sit at a table while Sean works on his computer. Vicky asks what she is supposed to do if Sean dies, since they probably won't pull off their mission alive and her family's information will get released. Sean tells her that she'd better keep him alive. Sean finds out that Jarvis has returned to work at the White House. Vicky tells him that she can't break them into the White House. Sean tells her that he'll be attending a fundraiser that night at the Ambassador Hotel in downtown Washington, D.C. Vicky asks him if he can hack the guest list, which should be nothing since he hacked the Pentagon mainframe when he was in high school. She tells him that he knows all about him since she was his target once. He tells her that their cover identities won't be vetted in time to get in. Vicky tells him that they'll have to find people who have already been vetted. Later that night, in Washington D.C., Vicky gets invited into the room of Ted and Cynthia Fisk, two donors who have been vetted, by pretending to have been locked out of her room in only a towel. Sean comes into the room and holds a gun to Ted. After the Fisks have been bound and gagged, Vicky creates false copies of their passports while Sean creates false thumbprints for the fingerprint scan. When Vicky goes to shoot the poor couple, Sean talks her out of it and instead he knocks them out cold.

Vicky and Sean at a fundraiser in Washington, D.C.

At the fundraiser, they are now dressed up with Vicky wearing a blond wig. After getting past security, Vicky goes into the bathroom and assembles a plastic gun. They get Jarvis alone and Sean tells him they need his help to take down James Dempsey. After Sean takes the gun from Vicky and threatens to shoot Jarvis, who finally tells him that Dempsey left for somewhere in the Jura Mountains in France. Hearing secret service agents outside the room, Vicky and Sean quickly leave.

Face Off[]

After escaping the hotel, Vicky and Sean are running down the street being chased by secret service agents. They split up, Sean steals a van, and picks up Vicky before they can be captured. When Vicky tells her that she is done with her end of their deal, Sean tells her that she's done when he says so or he'll expose her son. Vicky asks to be let go, but Sean tells her that she'll be free only when he gets Dempsey. Vicky asks how he expects her to find Dempsey in France, he tells her just to get them there and hell worry about it. Later, aboard a jet, Vicky asks if she can talk to her son since she did a lot to get them the jet. Vicky talks to Mrs. Larson on the computer, but Adam is asleep. Mrs. Larson tells Vicky about the destruction of the Washington Monument and expresses how scared she is about the situation. Vicky tells her that she wishes she could be home and that she misses her and Adam. Vicky tells her goodbye and hangs up. Sean finds out that Dempsey's corporation, the Phoenix Foundation, funds archaeological digs, one of which is going on in the Jura Mountains, south of Alsace, France. In La Cluse-et-Mijoux, France, Vicky and Sean are in a car with Vicky driving and Sean asleep. An electronic been wakes him, reminding him to enter the code to keep Adam's location a secret. Vicky asks if he needs to keep that hanging over her, and Sean asks if he'd still be alive if he didn't. When Sean asks if knowing too much about her makes her uncomfortable, she tells him that it makes her feel vulnerable and that makes her uncomfortable. At the safe house, they meet Henri, someone Vicky used to work with. While they eat, Vicky and Henri talk about a mission they once had to take out an Egyptian terrorist.

Sean, Henri, and Vicky at a safe house in France.

Sean learns that Vicky used to work for the CIA. After Vicky gets up and walks out of the room, Sean learns from Henri that Vicky was burned by her superior to cover up something that was not her fault. Henri asks why she is helping him, and Sean tells him that he's blackmailing her. However, Henri tells him that Vicky never does anything she doesn't want to before Vicky walks back in with another bottle of wine.

You Bury Other Things Too[]

At the safe house, Henri shows Vicky and Sean a map with the location of Dempsey's dig and his home, the Chateau de Perrault in Morez, France. Henri tells him that Dempsey's business in France is almost done, so Sean and Vicky prepare to get to him before he leaves. Henri advises them on how to enter the estate. Sean advises Vicky to get some sleep, but she said she was trained to get by on 2 hours sleep. Vicky asks what Sean plans to do with Dempsey and Seas says he's going to have him prosecuted by the law. Vicky says that no one will believe the word a wanted murderer against a respected billionaire who can buy his way out of anything. Vicky tells him that the only way to stop Dempsey is for him to die. Sean then deactivates the software that would have exposed Adam and tells Vicky that she's free to leave. Vicky asks why she's letting her go and Sean tells her that she's gotten him far enough; she has a family and he has nothing. Vicky then leaves without a word. When Sean gets in the car to leave, Vicky gets in with him. Sean tells her that he can do it alone, but Vicky tells him that she wants the chance to put her past behind her. At night, while driving down the road, Vicky notices that Sean is acting nervous. She tells him that you lose the nerves eventually after killing. You either let it grow in you or you bury it so deep that it doesn't bother you. But when you do that, you bury things that you miss too. Sean says that he's going through with it, and Vicky tells him that she wants him to be prepared. When they get to their stop, they find a trap waiting for them. Vicky goes to investigate, a car pulls up, and men get out. Vicky and Sean shoot at the attackers but Vicky is captured and Sean makes a run for it. At the chateau, Vicky is brought to Dempsey. Vicky says that he needs to die, and Dempsey tells her that they are on the same side. He goes on to explain that he is a sentinel, one of a long line of people whose job it is to safeguard the world non-terrestrials. Dempsey interrogates Vicky about Sean because Sean has overcome everything that Dempsey has put in his path. Dempsey then tells his guard to kill Vicky, who the guard takes out of the room. Vicky is then seen tied up on the floor and the guard is setting the chateau on fire.

Cut Off the Head[]

Sean gets into the burning chateau and rescues an unconscious Vicky. Once outside, Sean performs CPR and gets her breathing again. Dempsey then appears and tells Sean it's time they talked. Dempsey tells Sean that everything he's done was with good intentions to stop what was going to happen. He goes to tell Sean that the non-terrestrials have been coming to Earth for thousands of years and that he's part of a tribe of sentinels who have been trying to protect the Earth. He tells Sean that Sophia is a their biggest threat. Sean tells him that Sophia is just trying to protect humanity from her own people. Dempsey says that Sophia will eventually try to eliminate the human race. Sean asks how he can possibly know that, and Dempsey says the sentinels have been around for over 3,000 years and can see the way history will unfold. He says that someone outside his group might be able to stop Sophia and that he believes that someone is Sean. Sean tells Dempsey that he's an evil monster and that Sean won't give up trying to stop him. Dempsey tells him that he must do the one thing that will make Sean devote himself to stopping Sophia instead. Dempsey tells Sean that he has the best chance of stopping Sophia and then shoots himself in the head. Dempsey's guard then leaves Sean a bag and leaves. Sean hears sirens approaching the chateau and he and a rattled Vicky leave. Once away, Sean finds Dempsey's scroll in the bag along with traveling supplies. Sean then gets a call from Leila, who tells Sean about Sophia's plan to make room for her people. She tells him about the weapon near Murmansk, Russia and Irina Bogdanov before she is cut off by MIchael.


On a train going through north eastern France, Sean tells Vicky that they can't trust Dempsey's word but they can trust Leila's and they have to stop Sophia's people from getting the weapon. Vicky tells Sean that it's extremely cold in western Siberia at that time of year and that it's not worth a trip there based on Dempsey's delusions. Sean tells her that they came to France on even less information and accomplished a lot. Vicky agrees to help him and Sean asks why. Vicky tells him not to analyze her and just take yes for an answer. On the computer, Sean figures out that Irina Bogdanov is the name of a ship, not person, docked at the Port of Murmansk. At the port, Vicky surveys the group guarding the ship and decides they have to get aboard by water. Sean tells her that everything she's done up until that moment has been for family or money and asks why she's helping him. Vicky looks at him and asks why he thinks she's there. Sean says he doesn't know and doesn't understand her. Vicky agrees with him. They steal a boat and use it to board the Irina Bogdanov where the guards can't see them. On the ship, they find the crew missing. Sean stops Vicky from opening a door because he thinks there's something wrong. Vicky looks in and sees a dead man. Donning protective suits, they enter the ship find others dead or dying. They find the body of a soldier in an old uniform with his lungs removed. They hear a noise and find a man unaffected by the sickness. The man tells them that the sickness is Spanish flu, which killed 50 million people during World War I, explaining the uniform on the soldier. The man tells them that lungs are probably on the way to airport with a courier named Alex who is getting on board Air Moscow Flight 38 to America.

Us or Them[]

At the Moscow airport, Vicky and Sean try to find out if Alex is on the flight to New York, but they aren't allowed to know. Sean then asks if there are any seats available on the flight, Vicky pulls him aside. Sean tells her that they have to stop Sophia from getting the virus or she'll use it. Vicky tells him that she doesn't want to be stuck on a plane for 11 hours with a weapon of mass destruction. Sean tells her that she doesn't have to come, but she comes anyway. On the plane, en route to New York, Vicky gets the passenger manifest and tells Sean that there isn't an Alex listed. Sean notices a suspicious man, who carries a briefcase with him to the bathroom, to Vicky and they wonder if he's the courier. Vicky pretends to accidentally spill water on the man and she and Sean get him alone where she searches his briefcase. They find out that it's cocaine, not the infected tissue. Back in their seats, Sean says that they have to let the authorities know that there's a WMD on the plane. Sean deduces that Vicky knows someone to call that can divert and quarantine the plane. Vicky says that the courier could release the virus and kill everyone on the plane and Sean says that at least the virus would be contained. Vicky tells him that she has a contact at the Department of Homeland Security. Sean comments that it has taken him a while to realize that she's doing everything because of him. Vicky asks why it's so hard to believe, and Sean says it's because of who she is and how they originally met. Sean tries to say thank you, but Vicky rebuffs him calling him a means to an end. She takes the laptop from him and emails her contact. Later, two military jets show up to escort the plane to Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. However, the jets soon leave. Vicky figures out that Sophia has someone powerful enough to call off the jets. At JFK International airport, they hear one of the flight attendants being called Alexandra and figure out that she's the courier. They follow her to the parking garage but Alex's partner holds Sean with a gun. Sean tells Vicky to shoot him, but she's unwilling to let him die and drops the gun. The man lets Sean go and the two couriers get away. Vicky and Sean steal a car and drive after them.

One Will Live, One Will Die[]

While searching, Vicky says that they should call the police for help. Sean says it would be a waste because someone high up is helping Sophia. Sean uses the license plate he got from Alex's rental car to track them. Vicky asks how bad it could be if the virus is released and Sean tells her that the Spanish flu originally epidemic killed between 50 and 100 million people and that the new strain is more dangerous. Sean finds the car 50 miles ahead of them. They find the car parked at a shopping mall in Pennsville, New Jersey. In the car, they find blueprints of the mall with details about the ventilation system. Sean tells Vicky to evacuate the mall while he goes to the roof, where the main ventilation system is. Vicky tells him to be careful before he heads off. Vicky pulls a fire alarm but nothing happens. She finds a security guard, telling him that she's a federal agent, and that someone is going to release a bioweapon. When he says he needs to speak to his supervisor, Vicky takes his gun and leads him to the security office. They find a dead security guard and Vicky has him activate the evacuation alarm. Vicky makes her way to the roof, warning people to leaves as she runs, and finds Sean after killing Alex's partner. They find the device to release virus and that Alex has gone. Out of options, Sean shoots the device, disarming it. They search Alex's partner and she takes his wallet before they leave.

The Beginning of the End[]

Vicky and Sean are driving down the road with Sean driving and Vicky looking in the dead sleeper's wallet with his ID and address. Sean is angry that they let the courier get away with the other infected lung. Vicky tells him that they made the right choice at the time and that they've done more than most people. They find the address and two people already there: Blake Sterling and Simon Lee. After exchanging identities and stories, they team up to stop Sophia. While searching the loft, Blake tells Vicky that he remembers that she was CIA and that she went rogue just as he took over the agency; that she was scapegoated by her division chief and ended up running freelance covert operations. Vicky tells him that she doesn't know anybody like that anymore. After they find some receipts in the garbage, Sean uses them to track the dead sleeper, Roman, to Sophia's hideout. On the way, Vicky asks Blake if he can get anyone to help them. Blake tells her he called some people he trusts, but it will take time for them to come. At the hideout, Vicky distracts the guards while Blake shoots them. They make their way inside and find one of Sophia's people. He tells them that he, two guards, Dr. Lu, and Leila are the only ones there. Vicky watches as Simon interrogate Dr. Lu. When she won't talk, Simon threatens to cut her enough so that she won't bleed to death but it will hurt. Finally, she gives them her computer password and they discover multiple distribution scenarios for the virus.


Vicky, Sean, Blake, and Simon discover that Sophia is going to release the virus at three locations: a food processing plant outside of Richmond, Virginia, the U.S. Bureau of Engraving in Washington, D.C., and international terminal at Dulles International Airport. They also find the delivery system: pressurized aerosol canisters. After a call with President Martinez, Blake tells the group that it may be up to them to stop the attack at the airport. At the airport, Blake reports that Martinez couldn't get anywhere with Jarvis, so they're on their own for the time being. Sean tells them that the laptop says that an inside man is going to hand off a canister to Sophia at Baggage Claim 3. Blake and Simon head there while Vicky and Sean head to the international terminal. Blake calls Sean and tells him about Sophia's man. Sean and Vicky get into the secured area and find Sophia with her two accomplices. Vicky shoots and kills the inside man while Sophia is covered by Carlos. Vicky covers Sean while he goes after Sophia. Vicky wounds Carlos and Blake comes up behind and kills Carlos before he can open his canister. Vicky and Blake split up to find Sophia. In the international terminal, Vicky sees Sean at the door of the Avias Air lounge. She looks at the flight screen next to her and sees that all flights have been cancelled. Vicky runs over to Sean who tells her that Sophia has locked herself inside the lounge. Vicky tells him that Martinez got all the flights cancelled and that the other two locations have been neutralized. Sean says that they have to get everyone out because Sophia could still release the virus. Vicky tells him that all the exits are sealed and no one can leave. Sean convinces Sophia not to release the virus and come out. Afterwards, after being cleared by hazmat, Vicky sits with Sean at a hospital while he waits for news about Leila. The doctor comes and tells him that he can see Leila in the observation area. Before he goes, Vicky tells him that even though she didn't join his fight willingly, him forcing her is the reason that her family is safe and why she's no longer ashamed to face them. Vicky thanks and gives him a hug. While driving on the street, Vicky stops and looks into the sky as Sophia's planet appears.