played by Omid Abtahi
Alias Detainee #74 (Dec. 5, 1944)
Detainee #19 (Dec. 9, 1953)
Species Non-Human
Gender Male
Location Washington, D.C.
Status Deceased
Family Maya (girlfriend)
Season(s) 1
First Seen "I Haven't Told You Everything"
Last Seen "Protect Them From the Truth"
Died in September 20, 2010
Episode Count 1 episodes
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William was Maya's boyfriend and one of the ninety-seven detainees at Mount Inostranka.



Thursday, November 2, 1944Edit

Brooks Range, Alaska
After the crash, Sophia chose to stay behind with the injured and delegated Thomas to lead the able-bodied to safety and away from capture. An injured William wanted to flee with Thomas, but Sophia said she could not risk anything or anyone slowing Thomas down. Seeing William’s injury, Maya could not bring herself to abandon him. ("Protect Them From the Truth")

August 2009Edit

Two years after escaping Inostranka, Simon and the CIA tracked William down living in Los Angeles. They brought him back to the facility two days later.

While there, Simon tells an enigmatic and handcuffed Sophia that William has offered information regarding "the Event" in exchange for his freedom. Sophia tells Simon that he must silence him. Simon questions Sophia's advice, countering that if people knew about the Event, perhaps they could better prepare. He adds that President Martinez is a good man who might help, but Sophia will not budge. ("I Haven't Told You Everything")

Monday, September 20, 2010Edit